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Child Protection and Child Rights


Child protection as the prevention of or responding to the incidence of abuse, exploitation, violence and neglect of children. This includes commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking, child labour and harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation/cutting and child marriage.

Protection also allows children to have access to their other rights of survival, development, growth and participation. UNICEF maintains that when child protection fails or is absent children have a higher risk of death, poor physical and mental health, HIV/AIDS infection, educational problems, displacement, homelessness, vagrancy and poor parenting skills later in life.

According to the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) Child Protection is about keeping children safe from a risk or perceived risk to their lives or childhood. It is about recognizing that children are vulnerable and hence reducing their vulnerability by protecting them from harm and harmful situations.

Child protection is about ensuring that children have a security net to depend on, and if they happen to fall through the holes in the system, the system has the responsibility to provide the child with the necessary care and rehabilitation to bring them back into the safety net. Organisation is implementing Childline activities in partnership with CHILDLINE Foundation of India.


Gunjan Organization invites enthusiast individuals to come forward and help us in our initiatives. Enroll yourself as Volunteer.


Your support is vital to ensure this change and make a direct & lasting impact on the lives of children. Whether you choose to donate monthly or choose to provide a single gift.

Social Impact

Our initiatives have made a significant positive impact in the community, and with your help, we look forward to many more such social welfare engagements.



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Child Protection



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